So...What was canon? (spoiler)

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If I had to choose which parts fit most as canon, I'd have to go with the following:

Cabbages do have their own language, Brassica Prime is proof that even a slightly empowered cabbage can speak the regular Gielinorean language.
The Life Altar having something to do with respawning is an interesting thought, since we don't really have any explanation outside of that.
Life runes being used to create plants explains how cabbages, trees, onions, wheat, etc. are able to respawn as well, since they just make more to replace the ones that end up being picked/cut down. Farming is... unnatural placement of plants.

All I can think of for now. When I replay the quest on my alt, I'm sure I'll have more.
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This is what I believe is the entire canon story:

1. The Gowers ask for our help to fix the cabbage patch and we create an amulet of cabbagespeak to find out whats wrong.

2. Crispy has us jump into the cabbage patch to get to the life altar and we find the pieces of it around the area. We can just say the previous cabbagemancer got bored of her job and left.

3. We fix the altar and get Crispy to bring the brothers to us and maintain it.

Not that interesting but thats about it.
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