Secrets of the Schism

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Now that would be interesting, an entire civilisation powered by the souls of their own kind.
The context sounds similar to the Daemonheim book 'The price of Betrayal'.

I also wonder if this is what gave Nomad inspiration to building the Soul Obelisk.
He made it to the Underworld in one piece, perhaps he knowns a way to Teragard as well.

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'It would seem it is exceptionally difficult for anyone but a god to open a portal between worlds.' - Bilrach in Dishonour among Thieves.

Miraculously, Bilrach found himself on Freneskae, the other side of the universe. Where as Moia was the one to locate Zamorak on a 'fiery realm'. They made it back safe and sound despite tumbling through the dimensions.

Now if Mahjarrat like Bilrach could barely influence the Rifts destination, yet Saradomin used the Schism to seek higher realms (New Domina/Renmark/Gielinor/Naragun). This tells us that travelling via Rift/Schism (if they are the same phenomena) requires monumental power to properly direct at the risk of being stranded on a discarded world floating in the Abyss.

We have yet to discover the entity within the Rift/Schism. The one which whispers insanity into victims, warps their bodies and snaps their souls. How individuals like Robert and Oreb made it through unaffected, maybe their souls were too strong to be taken.

One thought that crossed my mind was that there is a fourth entry point to our knowledge.
We have the Schism at Teragards catherdral, the Rift beneath Daemonheim on floor 61, and the abyssal portal in the Slayer Tower. I reckon the 'Shadow' beneath the Barrows is a similar phenomenon and could be a fourth tear between the dimensions. Cutting between Shadow and Material Realms, it could widen and breach the Abyss or Void.

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