Secrets of the Schism

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Rondstat said:
I know a lot of people make the assumption that Fremennik homeworld=Teragard

If you really think about it, the Fremennik homeworld cannot be Teragard. A planets reaper/death is the first thing to die on said world. On gielinor, it was an old farmer man named Harold.

I've asked Mod Raven a few questions before about how humans came to exist in the games multi-verse. If you remember from Fate of the Gods, the elder gods purposely didn't create advanced life forms so how humans came to be, being as complex as we are, is kind of a mystery. Evolution was the answer from Mod Raven. (Interestingly, enough Mod Raven suggested that the precursor humans, which would have been common ancestors to the monkeys on Marimbo's planet, were spread through the universe through various ways including gods.) Anyways, based on the fact that Eir is not plankton, or something basic like that. (and isn't some intelligent ape creature if we go by the assumption that only inteligent beings can be reapers) it is reasonable to assume that whatever planet she lends her reapers skills too it cannot be the origins of humans.

The fact that the schism serves as Terraguards death makes a fair bit of sense if it is the origin planet of the majority of intelligent life in the universe because it would probably take millions of years before something competent would die that could serve as death.

27-May-2016 01:43:46

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