Secrets of the Schism

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BTW It's been said the Fremenik go to the human home world's afterlife when they die. Seeing as how Terragard is the human homeworld it seems likely Eir is Terragards reaper... Unless of course their plans changed once they came up with Terragard. This was only ever said in q&as after all.

A long time ago Mod Ollie drew a "map" of the Gielinorian underworld. Basically beyond the gates at the river noumenon is the underworld, and at the center of the underworld is something called "the nexus of afterlives". I think the schism could be their equivalent. When they die their souls are attracted to it because, well, it's the afterlife! ... Or at least a link to it.

...What if Terragard has no anima mundi, like you theorised, because there's nothing left of it?! What if the entirety of Terragard is artifical (think Coruscant)? The only thing left is the link to the afterlife which exists in all worlds.

Alternatively, it could be related to the Daemonheim rift. They both give off tremendous amount of energy for a mere portal.

... Or the boring answer is that it's just a rift in reality and its "gravity" is strong enough to pull at souls.

I also believe it might have the ability to send someone back in time. Robert the Strong's notes from RoTM heavily implies that there's some time travel/time loop shennanigans going (you're supposed to give a note to Robert when you see him and that note tells him to do something he's already done...). Time travel can be achieved through various different ways, but I wonder if when we eventually go to Terragard we'll meet Robert before he becomes the legendary hero...

Or... hmmm, we know from Some Like it Cold that Death can turn back time. What if Eir sent Robert back in time to Gielinor's fourth age because she sensed he had a destiny to fulfill.
I have noticed your kind does tend to blindly stumble forward towards danger simply because it exists. What is your word for that?
- We call it being a hero.

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