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Boldly Rule

Boldly Rule

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Pyrocaster3 said:
There are way too many promotions for treasure Hunter. The terrible Sol and lunch event just got over and since there has been two variations to chests in th. The event with the gemstacks was barely a few days and now there's already some other crazy new way for the event to work. I get that it's only a few rolls a day unless you spend $$. There are just so many events through th that you have to wonder how much of the full game is being neglected for weekly events. Every week has a new gear set that would be nice as regular in game gear. A world designated for no cosmetics and wings and such would be a great addition to the game that way I know what my fellow players are wearing and am not seeing rainbow fairy devil winged humanoids running all over gielinor

You are describing my outfit minus the rainbow part. Would you like to see a rainbow unicorn instead?

30-Mar-2018 03:33:26

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