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Dilbert2001 said:
If you want to challenge the WORLD RECORD, why don't you go tell Guiness they have no clue? Guiness don't care about bots or whatever since every record holder in the multiplayer online game categories has bots anyway, and bots has nothing to do with free or subscription games since bots can be in either or both monetization models.

The fact remains both Guiness and Jagex considered Runescape as a FREE MMORPG. Runescape has never won anything or remotely close to in the subscription category. Neither did they ever participate in such competitions to begin with.

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21-Mar-2018 02:53:51

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TH can be fun. Easyscape can be fun.

If somebody is happy to win something good from TH, I am happy to share they happiness too although usually I don't have much luck from TH.

If somebody is stomping their feet and crying a river over RNGesus, I am happy too. It is like watching Larry, Moe and Curly.

TH is entertaining, whether you win something good or garbage. Sometimes, it stinks when you don't win anything good, but hey, zoos stink too but people still go there to see the monkeys. :D:D:D

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If someone is only using their daily keys then I would say no.

If someone is constantly spending $50+ every month, especially for XP promotions then I would say yes.

Easyscape is subjective depending on the individual though. I personally don't care if someone wants to spend their money to bypass leveling. You can't use TH to complete quests, tasks, or trimmed comp cape requirements so in that sense easyscape does not apply.
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