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There seems to be two of these threads. Will put this here also:

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I would like to see:

'Slippy Boots'

- Standing still animation; feet keep skidding about / waving arms to keep balance.
- Leaves small trail of bubbles when walking / running.
- Walk animation similar to walking on ice.
- When running, the last few tiles will become a skid. (not sure how hard this would be)

'Fidgets Gloves'

- Constant fidgeting with anything equipped / tapping / twisting fingers / playing with hair
- Pull random items out of pockets and play with them when idle.

Boomerang -pocket slot

- When idle, will throw and catch/fumble the boomerang.

Juggling Gems -pocket slot

- When idle, will start juggling hydrix, onyx, dragonstones etc...

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