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Ghostly chicken for 1k- ty (I have the original chicken outfit). Next year ghostly skeleton pls.

Pls add ghostweave on the purple slot if it is only available on TH for 5 days.

Ty for the titles. They are what I really wanted for Halloween.

Ghostly lederhosen terrorbird pls

Also imo 600 ghostweave should be obtainable via daily challenges for the duration of the promo.

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Boldly Rule

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Flare-f0x said:
If you're someone who is telling Jagex to release mostly cosmetics through TH, you have to understand that this is the most ideal way to do it. (I don't support that)

My theory:

While we've known this promotion was coming since early October, they could still be using this promotion's collection mechanic as an experiment. A lot of people (not myself) have been asking them to make more of the promotions cosmetic rather than xp related. When you think about just how desirable the xp is from the promotions, from a business perspective you would need cosmetics that are pretty valuable if the objective were to make TH more cosmetic heavy. That means the cosmetics couldn't just be something you get with 30 or 40 keys. If all of the newer cosmetics are easy to get, it takes away a lot of value they have in general.

And allowing people to skill for the cosmetics hurts the value, so while they may have allowed it last time, excluding the skilling option this time let's them see how sales could go for future cosmetic promotions where you can't skill for the set. It can't be tradeable either because the price drop after a few days makes it extremely accessible for everyone.

In short, if you're someone who wants Treasure Hunter to be mostly cosmetic, expect the currency to be more rare without the option to skill for it (to preserve the value of cosmetics in general).

Are you saying that untradable phats are comming to TH? Sry couldn't resist.
Everyone will be bored from cosmetics soon imo. As they say be careful what you wish for. I blocked all the combat xp on TH and as a result received so many useless materials and divine locations I felt like SOF was back. Soon ppl will be complaining again. Lets hope that Jagex comes up with a balanced concept for TH soon. Also to be fair ppl didn't ask for cosmetics that cost an arm and a leg but as with any gambling game it is a personal responsibility to draw the line

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Boldly Rule

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Eassle said:
So I don't really spend money at all on treasure hunter but thought the reaver looked really cool so after 117 keys I finally got enough ghostweave to get it. Currently trying to customize it to a preset and it doesn't seem to work. Can I customize the reaver outfit so I look like that all the time while wearing armor? I've been playing with customization for a while and I cant figure it out. 117 keys isn't really cheap for a promotional outfit so any help would be appreciated.

Step 1 Buy keepsake keys from Solomons
Step 2 Use the outfit you get on the keepsake keys
Step 3 Click on the keepsaked items icon in the wardrobe interface and make your outfit
Step 4 Save as a preset

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