Win Again Wednesday?

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Dan Ace114
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Dan Ace114

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Not normally a promotion on a Wednesday but I see the celebration promo from 2nd chance tuesday is still active. Gonna be a regular thing you think?

I can see some peoples heads exploding if there is a promo 7 days a week lol.

11-Apr-2018 11:50:31

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Isn't it nice you can win 7 days a week instead of only 6? :D:D:D

There was no 2nd chance Tuesday this week. It was something else, some normal lamp thing I think, but definitely not the rare 2nd Chance Tuesday.

Who's heads are exploding? It is certainly not the head of Brains, my farming pet... or that of the Uzer Golem. :D:D:D

27-Apr-2018 16:43:19

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