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It was charming, it was quaint and the x7 rewards were fun but for the love of all that is holy let it die! Let it END!

I know, Treasure hunter is the not so subtle behind the scenes funding for a big chunk of our fun. Membership fees no longer cover the massive beast that is runescape(nice how the documentary pointed that out no?) I know that. Most players know that...


We also know how creative you guys can be so why, just why?! Stop recycling "old" rares(the rainbow promo is barely 6 months old and was already brought back once already).

Here is an idea! Why not dip random cool items in the rainbow paint bucket and put those up? A rainbow pair of pants? a rainbow bow? a rainbow staff? a rainbow spade(yes even a spade would be better)

For flargs sake JaGeX! Just reach inside the "reject" idea pile and drop some stuff into TH. Instant promo.

But Hawke! Coding new stuff is hard!

True, Hawke knows nothing about coding and I know that putting new stuff into the game is not plug and play. Still, the dudes working on this game? Some of the better minds working on mmos. They can do it.

I'm hoping this is the last we see of this promo.
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11-Apr-2017 16:32:44



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Galar Region said:
Kale100 said:
They are not rares if they are being re-released...

technally they are outside of rainbows end how do you get these items besides player trades?

oh wait you can't...

Indeed. But if we are never outside of Rainbow's End (if it keeps occurring) than that premise does not hold.

12-Apr-2017 03:50:15

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