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Have u seen the th forum lately...

It's not enough for th haters to just not use th.. no no.. they come to the forum and recruit more haters.

Why is it that 7 out of 10 threads in the th forums front page all anti th? It's because a handful of haters keep bumping this shit to the front page constantly.

Please can we have a place to talk about th?

Make a new forum for us to discuss all that is brilliant about th. Somewhere without the haters saying the very same bullshit on every page... "Bump".

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I am not sure if I want to call all of them Rant because I think users should be allowed to express their negative opinions on things like TH or MTX.

However, it is obvious they all talk about the same thing and therefore should be combined into one single thread.

All the other biggest and baddest games' move this kind of anti-MTX threads into one thread. Even in the case of Jagex, all these "rant" threads OP called are organized in Jagex's Subreddits and Facebook too. Not sure why are there so many of the same "rants" all over Jagex's own RSOF. :(

16-Feb-2019 15:40:59

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They're not talking about th

This thread is not discussing TH either. If you feel there are threads here that would be better suited to another forum, you may make a report on the Forum Help thread, following the template provided in the opening post, and it will be looked into.

Forum issues? ---> See Forum Help
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16-Feb-2019 17:47:58

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