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In the new TH promo, the coin prizes are listed as free-to-play and members, but the prizes can not be collected by free-to-play. The only option is to subscribe in order to collect the prize. Is this intentional, and if so, why would the prize be listed as free-to-play and members instead of members only?

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It's probably intended; gp is an item that both free players and members can use, hence why it's listed as such, but if free players were able to claim those gp prizes, it'd allow goldfarmers (and players who have the patience to keep creating accounts) to gain lots of money from those prizes alone, which would then be used either to buy membership or sold directly.

By requiring a subscription to claim them, that kind of behavior is discouraged because you don't just get free money, you have to have paid money to get it first.
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they just need to either remove the "type" for each item, or fix them to what they are claimable by, not by what type of item they are - since we can claim deathtouch darts in f2p even though they're members only when the subscribe button should be pop up in the claim slot for all member items.

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