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Boldly Rule

Boldly Rule

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Bottled Luck said:
I just need a place to vent.

So I logged in today to a purple gem on Clairvoyance. I look down and see this sweet 200m purple just scrolling past. I also wait to until the next purple rolls around to see what it was (Lucky garb). In my stupidity I just clicked the chest for a 50/50 chance at 200m. Lolno. I realized about 30 minutes later I could have frozen the other purple so I'm super tilted right now.

Good day.

If someone could ease my pain by confirming that freezing one of the two purples to get the 200m wouldn't have worked that would be great. It still hurts though :@

You dodged a bullet by not freezing the purple. If you freeze the purple the prize is re-rolled and you would have gotten a white lvl prize most likely. Sry your 50/50 didn't work because the prizes ARE predetermined and one of them was 200m.

12-Dec-2017 14:36:04

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