Celebration Lamps are Back!

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Why are you now advertising ingame again? Twice this week I have had a pop-up when I log in trying to sell my keys. One of the perks of membership was meant to be NO INGAME ADVERTS.

29-Jul-2017 01:05:12

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If you are not offering the bonus experience that came along with the new years event thatt is fine, but you should really take that out of the display on the lamps. When I got the boost it specifically says you will now receive a 2%/4%/6% bonus on other celebration lamps you use and a 12%/14%/16% bonus experience throughout the rest of the event.

If your not giving that bonus experience out then you shouldn't advertise that you are when using the lamps.

29-Jul-2017 02:51:22 - Last edited on 29-Jul-2017 02:51:55 by Jmpax10

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