Scammed by...JAGEX (BUG)

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Just wasted about 3 hours doing surveys and offers, which all paid out eventually (after contacting SuperRewards and PeanutLabs respectively, which is no issue), but the problem comes where, these keys were all "awarded" to my IRONMAN ACCOUNT. SWEET.

Why? Well, I used the "Earn Keys" button in-game on my MAIN ACCOUNT (the one I am posting with), yet on the website I was apparently, and unknowingly (it doesn't tell you which account you're logged into on Offer Walls), logged into my Iron Man's account.

Jagex, I have proof I completed these offers, and emails from the companies saying they were paid out - but it was to an ironman who can't even get TH Keys, so WHY would there be no safe guards for this?

50+ keys just sitting in limbo due to Jagex's negligence. Awesome stuff.

15-Jun-2017 17:11:10

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