Scammed Real Money by Game Bug

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Buying keys, and then rolling for items is purchased through real money obviously. The principal stands that if you get an item from the keys, you get to keep it always, it will just go to Diango and stay in there until you reclaim it.. Well not our lucky items if lost in the wilderness, but all other items that you can get back from Diango can, and why is that? Well good question, that's what i want to know. There are no warnings or safeguards in the game to tell you that your lucky items will be converted into coins for other players in the wilderness, nothing whatsoever, and that makes me mad since i had to spend real to get those lucky items.

Look, i'm not mad about the loss of the item, as much as i am about why it didn't return to Diango, but i'm absolutely enrages me and makes me furious with the fact that it went back into the treasure chests for me to roll again, now that is just really stupid and i really feel scammed out of that. That is completely unfair to me, and many other who may or may already have experienced this sort of thing. Would you want an item you lost to go back in and take over other items of purple status that you've wanted over those? I don't think so.

See, if there's anything that you can do to help resolve this bug so that others won't have misfortune then that would just make me happier, increase the gold count to reclaim it for all i care, i just want the items that go to Diango to stay in Diango until i need it again just like they're supposed to, not disappear and then go back into the treasure hunter for me to be scammed of money for already rolling it once before.

- Sincerely Hurt Customer.
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17-Jun-2017 09:24:28

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Something that's intended isn't a bug, and this is intended. It'd be too OP to always be able to reclaim the lucky items whenever you die in the wilderness.

Besides, everyone who has ever entered the wilderness, has received the warning that they shouldn't take in items that they aren't prepared to lose. So why did you bring in an item that you weren't prepared to lose?
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17-Jun-2017 09:34:51

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