Missing Keys - Again

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I've been paying membership for years, but for a number of reasons, I was absent from play until around April of this year. Since returning, I've had a number of keys not credited or simply disappeared without my having used them.

I first reported this issue a few weeks ago, when I only received ONE daily key instead of the promised two. At that time, a mod posted saying that Jagex took the issue of missing keys VERY seriously, and that I only needed to file an in-game report. By the next day, my missing key had been credited, so I took this mod at his word.

Well, it's happened again, TWICE this week, during the current promotion. The first time, a key from a token failed to be credited to my count, in spite of the fact that the token disappeared and the text indicated that it had been credited. (Having opened the TH interface just prior to using the token, I knew what the count should have been!) Trusting the Jmod's word on filing an in-game bug report, I did just that. This issue was at, or just prior to, the beginning of the current promotion. Finally, today, at around 23:40 game time, the missing key showed up in my count.

Or so I thought. When I re-logged into the game at around 00:10, I discovered that my total key count had increased by only ONE instead of the daily membership promise of TWO.

I'm not particularly happy about this. Yes, I did file the in-game bug report. Even if the missing key is eventually credited, if it is not credited during the current promotion, I'm still losing out.

If Jagex really does take missing keys issues seriously, I'd like to see some more prompt action to my initial reports. I don't enjoy posting on public forums regarding these issues, however, little else seems to garner any action.

16-Jul-2017 02:04:07

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Just an FYI addendum: before anyone posts about having to use both daily keys before being credited 2 for the next day: rest assured, I had used BOTH of my daily keys for the prior day.

16-Jul-2017 02:28:48

Thunder Jinx
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Thunder Jinx

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Your daily keys expire at 23:59:59 game time.
And you receive your daily keys at 0:00:00 game time.

So your 1 daily key at 23:40 would expire after 20 minutes and you would receive another set of daily keys at the same time.
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