Fang of Mohegan

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Considering the rest of the Shaman stuff can be obtained in-game now, it seems bewildering that this hasn't made it's way back into the game, too.

I mean, hell, little doodads to recharge the fang's double-charm thing could be another prize from the summoning ingredient box, to give people a reason to gamble on that after getting the rest.

All the support.
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29-Mar-2017 16:11:52

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Agent F said:
Since they re-released the Shaman outfit, they should have included the necklace. It should have been placed as another red slot item, or the Thaler shop, or Vic's store.

Edit: SpringFest said:
re released?

Agent F said:
...Thaler shop...Vic's store...

it being perm on th makes that point moot, all non elite skills are perm on th plus golem set perm on th.

so it was never re-released since perm on th makes it so you can't re-release it, just give it other sources to buy it.
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