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88 fingers

88 fingers

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2 times now i have gotten the wrong items in the 3x chest. first one was 3 dwarvian fishers, when i clicked on them i got 3 large stars... 2nd time, i got 3x 2 rune bars, and again got large stars, i have stopped using treasure hunter now as today's special is messing up big time...

12-Jul-2017 12:22:27

Serene Steel
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Serene Steel

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Are you using Hearts of Ice?

If so, the times you opened the chest, your Hearts kicked in and changed the item you were supposed to get.
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12-Jul-2017 22:29:44

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Umbajib said:
Happened to me today... 3 stacks of 250 notepaper were showing... I clicked on it, and got 3 small prismatic stars... Trolled again...

wow, missing 750 notepaper would REALLY tick me off

16-Jul-2017 01:45:40

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