Brimhaven dung?? scan location

Quick find code: 366-367-797-66000656

Oct Member 2018


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Please help!...
I have never had a problem scanning the Brim dung looking for a clue scan location.
I have walked all over the place while clue was scanning and nothing. It really sucks that I've been working on this for over an hour and nothing. I even did a clue I thought I may have needed (tower of life). Nothing. It is very discouraging because I know I'm going to receive a crap loot (yes I know, its the chance you take). But, working on something for an hour to get such a low reward? very cruel. I'm scanning all over can someone help me? I've looked online, nothing it shows I may be missing. Are there any other spots in Brimhaven dung I may be missing?

27-Mar-2018 05:34:45

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