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Let us imagine that TH is removed and the fact that you get most skilling supplies from bossing remains. New players can look forward to years of waiting before they can go bossing for skilling supplies if they don't buy bonds. PVMers who do not like skilling can look forward to long hours of skilling with the supplies they gather. Inflation can be even worse I guess.
Removing TH without making skilling viable again will not improve the game. TH was a band aid to avoid improving the profitability of skilling so by removing it you are betting that new players are willing to grind for years to compete with the veterans of the game. Maybe it is a realistic scenario idk but this is not osrs where everyone started from scratch.
So in order to improve the image of TH the promo gainz will get worse but the personal offers for dbl keys will probably go up and so will dev time to make cosmetics for TH.
Ppl who care to show off how they got their xp have the option of ironman but RS is a game after all and they want to have fun too so they gain xp from events when they can. Who benefits from elitism is unclear to me. No one here is asking for fun and profitable skilling methods and less inflation which is a far better demand imo which will benefit new players as well.

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