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Sir Zombies said:
Mod Balance said:

The balance we try to strike is that MTX is a major part of the game’s income and directly relates to the amount we can invest into its continued development.

This is the biggest lie of all. Let's compare RS3 to OSRS:
- OSRS delivers more frequent updates
- Updates on OSRS are received more positively
- OSRS has one small team, whereas RS3 has many teams

You know what the difference is? OSRS listens, while RS3 pretends to listen.

Yeah, I have to agree with the updates on OSRS being far better than what we receive. Maybe they should introduce some sort of two-way working method where they propose an update (for example Dimension of the Damned) and then on a livestream for example they show what they have and the community can vote on what needs improvement.

Just a small idea, but they seem to misunderstand what we see as fun and good content.
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Dong U Dead

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What happened to the bank overhaul and the removal of orts :O :O :O

to less or no more TH promotions - it was getting on my wick!!

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Lord Drakan
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Lord Drakan

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Even removing TH and SGS would be too late. The damage has been done. Handing out xp, gold, OP garbage such as portables and proteans and even cosmetics has devalued existing content across the board. Why bother doing anything when mtx can do it for you for free or IRL money? The game is supposed to be played for fun, and not least because of mtx's copious spewing of xp and gold (there's also factors like the accursed completionist's cape), players' mindsets have been warped to focus only on xp and the 'efficient' acquisition thereof.

This might be slightly forgiveable had the revenue from mtx actually resulted in more and better updates, but it hasn't. Maybe there are behind the scenes improvements we cannot see, but since the release of SOF in 2012;

- New quests per year have plummeted from 10+ to barely 5-6
- New minigames and D&Ds or reworks thereof have likewise plummeted
- Slayer and combat updates, on the other hand, have increased - BUT
- There's still lots of content broken by unfinished updates such as EoC that has to be taken care of
- New updates seem to have a tiny budget relative to what is expected of said update; developers seem so much more limited in what they can do compared to half a decade ago.
- Meanwhile TH steadily pumps out crap on a weekly basis, and we got half a dozen temporary grind-token-"events" instead of real content

I could go on for a bit but I hope I got the point across.

The best part is that the players could easily boycott MTX simply by never interacting with it, but alas that isn't happening, since a vast majority of people care much more about themselves than the game's health...


Thanks for this news post, but it changes very little. TH goes from 'massively OP and game-ruining' to 'slightly less but still very much so'. Big deal.
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Treasure Hunter is not that bad but I still take this statement with a grain of salt. When you know how to think, it empowers you far beyond those who know only what to think.

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Thanks for the info, i beleive the damage has already been done, a large player base is angry, there are people whom obviously have alot of money to spend that have gained 200m+ EXP A DAY!!! This is very demotivating they gained so many high scores ranks and exp for simply having more money than others in real life?
I thought runescape wasn't pay2win

This is how liberty dies with thunderous applause

RIP 600 DAYS PLAY TIME FOR 1B TOTAL EXP which can now be achieved in 5 days if you have alot of money irl :)
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TLDR jagex is most likely full of shit again playing damage control doesnt care what the players think (they've done this routine towards mtx multiple times this year already) and will just continue pumping out more of this garbage while giving players more trash updates that they dont need nor want. all while their chinese overlords suck them dry like drakan did during the final boss fight to Sefalatis.

lol damage control update hidden in the treasure hunter forum where no one goes because, whats the point of visiting here? XD

meanwhile same ol' "we listen to you etc" honestly jagex this is getting old you've been saying this 24/7 about mtx around the whole time "power to the player" stuff started to get pushed. While at the same time continuously pushing more and more mtx which give ever increasing greater quantities of exp.

and then u say "oh mtx are a huge revenue stream for us" first i think its retarded to ever push mtx to the point where u depend on it for income it should be an extra bonus on the side, to me that simply shows 2 things 1. ur chinese overlords are greedy like everyone knew and 2. this game is getting close to if not already on its deathbed.

furthermore you've had more profit then the previous year almost every single year now for the past what? 4+ years or so? yet updates are shittier, bug filled/incomplete at launch, and less frequent. now while some people would say and would be correct in saying "players vote for less frequent but bigger updates!" that being said it was done twice? ie arc and menaphos which arc honestly cant remember how that was received though i believe there was plenty of bitching over its grindy aspects menahpos however was received horribly and rightly so.

Meanwhile jagex is either pumping out 2+ of those fallen nihil events (collect 10k tokens) a month or having at least 2+ or like this week 10000000000000 treasure hunter porno's a week and those are our "updates"

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