Treasure Hunter and RuneScape

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Boldly Rule

Boldly Rule

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I play RS for fun so I am not concerned how others play the game and get their gains or the types of behavior that ppl have exhibited on RS. That said promotions on TH have gotten progressively OP wrt game content. Game content xp rates are not balanced well with TH xp rates. If a company is competent in running the game they should be responsible for said balance. It is not good PR when your customers feel they are forced to gamble for content especially when minors are involved. RS is a game that comes with emotional attachment for many of the players and that emotional attachment is what has been badly mishandled. Jagex as a company should gain some competence fast in balancing what they sell and how they sell it with a long term game content plan for RS and not invest willy nilly in failed projects instead of RS. We all feel like they have no clue what are they doing atm and I sincerely hope things change fast.

28-Oct-2017 18:08:42

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