Equinox event unfair?

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Uncle Pob said:
My initial response here is "here we go again", since this is a common complaint or problem people have with "tokens earned by skilling" events that always comes up.

The problem is, how should Jagex balance token rate? Take the Zodiac event for example: people were saying the number of tokens needed for level 10 was unfair, and those people showed the calculations that caused them to reach that conclusion - as we're getting here.

What actually happened was we got a split: some players were posting final results images showing levels well in excess of 100, and on the whole the majority of players did manage to at least hit the level 10 goal. Those who essentially gave up right at the start obviously didn't fare well, and some people weren't interested in the event at all.

I'm just going to chime in that the Zodiac Event:

-was 14 days, not 5
-had daily activities that gave a confirmed 100+ tokens upon completion
-didn't rely on TH

I can assure you, if Jagex wasn't so keen on having a new promotion every week and extended their cosmetic promotions people would be more than happy.
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18-Mar-2018 13:01:52

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4000 sigils per each outfit x 2 = 8000, divided by 8 sigils by skilling = 1000 x 3mins (time to get 8 sigils) = 3000 minutes = 50 hours minimum divided by 5 days = 10 hours of play per day MINIMUM (IF you are getting 8 every 3 minutes without fail). I LOVE the outfits so much, but I haven't even tried at all because I DO NOT have the time to play 10+ hours daily for 5 days straight. It just makes me sooooooo unhappy with Jagex for setting up IMPOSSIBLE tasks. I DO NOT have good luck with Treasure Hunter at all, so it would likely cost several hundred dollars to buy enough keys to get them. What I would like is for Jagex to actually give us enough time to have a "chance" to earn them or just sell them outright on Soloman's. But
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stop with the Mission Impossibles
. I'm just feeling bitter and unhappy with Jagex for doing this to us in the first place. I've been a paying member for freaking ever, and I'm just beginning to feel like they must hate us to do this sort of thing at all!

18-Mar-2018 13:16:58

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Archaeox said:
That's not 'unfair', it's a deliberate design choice to encourage the purchase of TH keys. *ALL* Treasure Hunter promotions are, after all, designed to generate income for Jagex.

Ok? Just because it's a deliberate design choice doesn't make it not unfair. Yes it's purely there to generate profit for Jagex, but this is exactly one of the fundamental problems with RS3, and why I couldn't convince any of my friends to play RS3. They all said "this is a cash grab or something" and went to Old School, because they don't add enough meaningful content, just cash and time sinks. We pay to pay more, or waste our time, which honestly, is all an MMO really is, a time waste, but I would at least expect some more frequent actual content updates for paying for a membership for an entire year.

I have more than enough time and money for this event, and I chose to skill to get the outfits. So far I have spent somewhere around 20 solid hours mining a rock in Menaphos split between 2 days. I have just gotten the entire Solite outfit and the sword. I now have to get the entire Lunite outfit and the shield. I've done half the event. From even a no-life perspective where you still have any self respect and want to actually sleep, this is barely possible. 10 uninterrupted hours with instant food and several bathroom breaks. Not moving from the chair basically at all the entire 10 hours the last 2 days doing this, binge watching shows on Netflix on the side. Good thing I'm off for the week, or else I wouldn't have been able to do this. I paid for a year of membership, and one of the events I get is to spent 40 uninterrupted highly efficient skilling hours over the course of 4 (technically 5) days. So if you started on the 15th, you would need 8 uninterrupted hours a day during the duration of this event to get everything. Oh also, even with the 4 keys I get a day, I've only gotten about 100 sigils. I'm not paying for a slot machine.

18-Mar-2018 15:10:47

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100% agree with the OP.

At least previous TH promotions of this sort were somewhat balanced. 8 sigils for every 3 minutes (and 2 outfits to win) is just ridiculous, especially given the rate at which they are won on Treasure Hunter.

Jagex is pushing the envelope with this one and basically saying, "I wonder how badly we can screw people before they revolt."

And just to add to it all, their solstice event doesn't even last until the solstice, which is the 21st! I looked at it and decided to just nope out of this one.

I'm not buying keys, I'm not collecting sigils, I'm just boycotting the whole event. I refuse to let Jagex jerk me around. This is getting ridiculous.

18-Mar-2018 17:11:55

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