Replace 200M Prize with Bonds

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Blackwing said:
It'd be healthier for the game, sure - but the thing is, if Jagex cared about the health of the game, they'd be better off removing TH altogether. In their eyes, adding bonds as a replacement to the gp prize would not only make the prize less lucrative (2 bonds don't make up more than 1/5th of the 200m gp in terms of gp value), which would make people less interested in buying keys, but it'd also increase the bond supply coming to the game, which in turn would also decrease bond purchases with real money.

@Blackwing, it would only be healthier for the game if it was to be tradeable bonds, other wise the other variant is actually quite useless. Now you were talking about the 1/5th of 200m thing, well I hate to burst your bubble but if bonds were to be put in TH they would have to be a prize usable by F2P.

Currently F2P can not use the 200M prize, and replacing it would basically mean either free 13.9M or if the other variant is added instead, crap.
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