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I won 1k rare item tokens a long time ago, opened the shop by clicking them, redeemed the 1k tokens for a random current which at the time was silverhawk, sunglasses etc. i closed the window and was never able to figure out how to open it again until recently when I received some more from the treasure hunter game. It says that my 1k had been used towards one of the rares and I never got one and don't know what to do about getting it or even how to write jagex about it. Any help would be great.

25-Jan-2018 23:01:47

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Check for these items:

Golden cane
Flaming head
Leprechaun hat
Silver hawk
Imcando pistol
Imcando axe
Imcando channeling rod

1,000 tokens spent likely means you got a Random Limited Rare at the time.

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