Scammed by Peanut Labs

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I dont believe i have ever did any for keys but over the past 4 years i have gotten 24k plus
runecoins spread over total of 4 accounts.

peanut labs is only ones i get to pay out. And also i have an email set up just for that and
I never give personal info. if they start asking for more than that email i set up i skip
that survey.

And I never put in info of my debit/credit card. if i could do that then I would just
go ahead and purchase the runecoins.

Either way it takes time and when you first start you fill out a "profile" then when you
go to qualify for a survey your qualifying answers need to be same as that profile.

i have only gotten to update my profile on each account 1 time a year. I do not
know if you can update it other than that.

Good luck
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13-Jan-2019 01:15:27

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