Dev Blog: Skillcape Perks

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Dev Blog: Skillcape Improvements Project

A very popular idea over the past year and more has been to add little improvements to each of the skillcapes - to give them more of a reason to be worn when training the related skill!

Well we agree and have been working on collecting ideas for the skillcapes but we feel some of these ideas could be improved and want your help! Either post your ideas and feedback here or tweet me or Mod John C.

The feature we add to each cape should fit certain criteria:

  • Should only a small perk.
  • Should not have anything more than a tiny impact on the XP rate for that skill.
  • Should be a circumstance where the perk would actually be useful.
  • There should only be 1 perk for each. Your suggestion would replace the idea we have.
  • The stats of the capes should not be changed.

    Current Perks


  • Free access to Cyclops.

    Rather than having to gather Warriors Guild tokens, if you wear your attack skillcape, you will gain free access to the defender dropping Cyclops.


  • Unlimited teleports to the Warrior's Guild.

    It is hard to come up with ideas for the melee combat skills, but this does seem appropriate. We thought about having it perm boost to 100, but it wouldn't really be useful at all versus any cape with an offensive bonus.


  • Act as a Ring of Life.

    Would act as a permanent Ring of Life! It would not degrade upon using like the ring does. Thanks for submitting this suggestion! We like it :).


  • Act as an accumulator.

    This seems logical - while not having the stats of the Ava device, it does give you an alternative, something you can use to show off with but still have your ammo picked up.


  • Will provide the effects of the Holy Wrench.

    This will not stack with the Holy wrench but will allow you to save that inventory space rather than having to bring one with you. Seems appropriate for obvious reasons. We thought about making it count as a Saradomin item in GWD but this feels better.


  • Cast Spellbook swap once a day on the cape.

    This would allow you to use spellbook swap regardless of which spellbook you are using once a day. It would also not require access to the lunar spells.


  • Acts as if you have rapid heal prayer activated, i.e. 2x HP restore rate.

    This will not stack with the prayer. (It could do though, get your feedback in). Would provide a nice effect, the prayer after all is low level and doesn't use many prayer points to use.


  • Acts as all tiaras or decreased chance of degrading pouches

    This would allow access to any and all Runecrafting altars including any future altars if we choose to add them. Most RCers would use abyss, acting as all tiaras could be not too useful, decreasing the chance of the pouches degrading when being filled might be better.


  • 5 daily teleports to the portal room of your PoH.

    Similar to the Magic cape idea, allows you to have quick access to teleport portals, and hence should have a limit. This would also mix it up a little from the standard PoH teleport to your portal.


  • Acts as Graceful cape including the weight reduction.

    Allows you to show off your Agility cape rather than having to wear Graceful. Seems fitting that when you want to conserve run energy around Gielinor that you wear your Agility cape!


  • Can search the cape and find a Pestle and Mortar.

    You would not be able to do this while you already have one in your inventory. Another one that we would definitely appreciate suggestions on. Feels a bit weak as a perk but could provide help in a few situations.


  • Provides Ardougne cape thieving benefits; that is a 10% better chance of pickpocketing anywhere in Runescape.

    This is unlocked via the hard Ardougne achievement diary. We believe this isn't devaluing the diary reward, a 99 in one stat just for one of the benefits of that diary is fair.


  • Unlimited teleports to the Crafting guild.

    Certainly seems appropriate, would be a nice little perk for anyone who is wanting to use any of the content there (guilds themselves could be more useful too though).


  • Can search the cape and find a knife.

    You would not be able to do this while you already have one in your inventory. Another one that we would definitely appreciate suggestions on. Feels a bit weak as a perk but could provide help in a few situations.


  • Can persuade your slayer master to reassign you the same task you just had once a day.

    Duradel et al. would recognize you are a very experienced slayer yourself and would be happy to let you repeat your last task - This would only be doable once. Once you have used the repeat on a task, the next day you would have to get a completely new task.


  • 5 Teleports per day to Black Chins or Red Chins.

    You would be able to teleport with the cape to either the red chin spot or black chin spot. You would be able to teleport a maximum of 5 times per day with both teleports counting towards that same 5.


  • Has the Varrock Armour 3 effect.

    The effect of the hard Varrock Armour is to have a 10% chance of receiving a double ore from the rock you mine including the xp for that extra ore all the way up to adamantite.


  • Would provide the Goldsmithing gauntlets XP boost.

    That XP boost increasing the XP received for smelting a Gold bar by about 2.5x. This was another skill we struggled for ideas with, feel free to suggest something else.


  • Permanent level boost to 100.

    This would hence provide a small boost to your catch rate when fishing - hence this would be a very slight XP boost per hour. Feels a tad artificial so if there are any better suggestions, we'll definitely take them into account.


  • Would prevent you from burning anything.

    Currently many items can still be burnt at 99 cooking, Cooking gauntlets prevent you burning shark but not Dark crabs, Sea Turtles and Manta Rays. We propose that the Cooking cape would stop you burning everything currently in game.


  • Acts as a light source.

    This would be a light source that couldn't go out when failing an agility shortcut or the like. Would allow you to free up an inventory space.


  • Increases chance of finding a bird's nest.

    Similar to what people thought the Rabbit's foot necklace did, but doesn't. When chopping a tree there is a small % increase chance of having a bird's nest drop.


  • Give a 5% increased yield from herb patches.

    This would stack with any other boosts you can get for increasing yield, i.e. the Magic secateurs etc. This number can also be changed with ease if anyone thinks it is too high or too low.

    Sailing (if it had passed - just left in as an easter egg :P)

  • Increased chance of generating a rare event.

    When sailing you have a chance of generating a rare event based on the upgrades you have added to your ship. If you wear this cape while sailing, this chance would be increased slightly - and there is plenty of reason to sail past 99!

    The Max Cape

    Firstly, the Max cape is currently being developed by Mod Maz and will be another few weeks away yet. It is far bigger than the other content in the QoL poll given the graphics requirements for an epic emote etc! This cape would be released before this project, and hence we must consider it.

    We have two options:

  • Allow it to have all the perks simultaneously.
  • Allow it to only have one, which you must operate the cape and choose.

  • Given the perks are not really related to one another, we don't have a problem with it giving all the perks simultaneously - they are small and only provide a little help. Your feedback would be appreciated here.

    Mods Alfred, Archie, Ash, Ghost, Ian, John C, Kieren, Mat K, Maz, Ronan, Weath
    The Old School Team

    Twitter: @JagexKiere*

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    Strength cape: +3 Strength bonus
    Attack cape: +4 Melee attack bonus
    Defence cape: 3-5% Damage absorption

    Herblore cape: 10-20% chance of creating a full potion instead of (3)

    18-Sep-2015 09:43:41 - Last edited on 18-Sep-2015 09:44:48 by Soley

    I C B A

    I C B A

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    You need to do something different with the cooking cape cause why would u wear cape over the gauntlets themselves? you need to give better incentive to wear the cape

    18-Sep-2015 09:43:55 - Last edited on 18-Sep-2015 09:45:04 by I C B A

    Mod Kieren

    Mod Kieren

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    Classix said:
    Just a quick question. Would you have to wear the hood and cape or could it be either?

    It would be just the cape.
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    18-Sep-2015 09:45:02



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    Really glad to see the Agility cape counting as part of the Graceful set. Would the Skill Hood also count as part of the set, or is this for the Cape only? Co-founder of Sigma - Social and Skilling CC

    18-Sep-2015 09:45:02

    Mod Kieren

    Mod Kieren

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    Mazuma said:
    Really glad to see the Agility cape counting as part of the Graceful set. Would the Skill Hood also count as part of the set, or is this for the Cape only?

    Cape only
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    18-Sep-2015 09:47:27

    T r y p t

    T r y p t

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    Do not add that farming bonus please.

    And do not make combat capes new best in slot. It's just ugly, fire cape is supposed to be melee best in slot, along with ardy diary cape. Nobody wants to have to wear an ugly strength cape to compete in FFA corp.

    18-Sep-2015 09:47:28 - Last edited on 18-Sep-2015 09:48:52 by T r y p t



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    Defence Skillcape
    perk - From the first hit from every monster, wearing the skillcape you will take Zero damage? Something along those lines.

    Isn't much, but it isn't ment to be.. "OP"
    On the grind to Max - 225*/2277
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