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Jul Member 2017


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I Am A Cow said:
I love all of the useful updates that you do, thank you for this!

And by the way, perhaps you may work on adding a map icon?

Yes, we can go on google for the osrs map, but it is a very useful upgrade to the community for those who get lost easily.

Can we get a map already (just saw this while scrolling)!

I think the most important thing here is that Jagex needs to learn from their community.
They think they are listening the the community but sometimes/often things aren't just working out.

Fix the existing content. Put sense in your updates. Hands of the meta-game.

18-Jan-2016 00:01:07

Nov Member 2019


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Can we get a npc to make the dynamite? Getting all the supplise is already time consuming enough but when were trying to make 5k of these things its just demotivating

19-Jan-2016 00:56:53

D0n vi0lad0r

D0n vi0lad0r

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mining essence blocks in Great Kourend, why do we have to "occasionally switch between the two rocks"? is more constantly than occasionally I had found more people complaining about this than people who are happy about it, me my self i am very disappointing that people who don't even runecraft think we should have this upgrade I hope it can go back to normal or at least can we get a time? or something like you can only mining 15 in each rock or something different please than just randomly

21-Jan-2016 16:33:51



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So after this update many people got scammed as a result of your mess but still refuse to return items to said players and punish the abusers? You guys have a log of what happens to peoples accounts and items, use it.

If you were more like Blizzard and returned items due to a glitch/bug or hackers a lot more people would remain active.

31-Jan-2016 20:49:58

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