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Fight caves already take about 45mins-1hr to complete for the average player and I agree with most people here that extending this further just makes it monotonous and time consuming.

20-Jan-2016 07:44:48

Danny Don

Danny Don

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I think that only the melee cape should be given from any jad related content.

As for an expansion to the caves, I personally would hate going through 85 waves of monsters just to die... that is surely not going to be fun for anyone..

I would much prefer something, like the fight kiln, which is simply a more difficult lot of waves with more to think about, and ofcourse a nice big ol' boss at the end..

As for the range and mage capes, i would prefer an upgrade to the accumulator (via quest), and for the mage cape perhaps some quest to do with the magic guild, or something epic and lore filled.

For the designs, they look nice, but simplying layering the original kiln cape over a fire cape? that just seems lazy, i'd like to see something new, or i'd even be happy with just the original kiln cape.

regards, Danny don.

20-Jan-2016 08:47:46

07 Gunz

07 Gunz

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I don't think you guys understand that the reason the poll isn't passing is because players want to keep their normal firecapes. They're simply too iconic. Why not just give the caves best ranged and best mage slots?

20-Jan-2016 11:04:36

Titans Guile

Titans Guile

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No one will use the range cape unless it acts like an avas accumulator. Id prefer it save my bolts for a little less damage than to waste those bolts. Otherwise i think its a great idea. maybe in corporate slayer into it. Add some more end game content.

sidebar:: I personally think u should also add nex to osrs and her armour drops.

20-Jan-2016 13:32:19

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