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Drakon PK1

Drakon PK1

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Hello ... today i has been hacked steal all my items and Money ,how is it possible i have AUTHENTICATOR and PIN BANK .

In last 8 Month i got hacked two times i got changed the name and password.

is jagex know that? i got send a message but they nothing ... 0 messages..

Deamn i pay every month to play ,why jagex dont doing anything.! they never helped me i play Runescape since 2006 and i already had + 10 accounts ... some had hacked and banned by reported idk for what i got asked but they didnt said me..!!!!! nothing...!!!

For them the most important is the Money every Month !!!

if jAgex see that .... i just want the items has been hacked from account! thx
Hacked !!!!!!!! wtf is that i got AUTHENTICATOR and Bank Pin how is happen...

whY do i Pay every month ... its already 2nd Hack in last 8 month i changed password and name . Please HELP !!!!!!!!!!

30-Jan-2019 20:24:36

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You won't get the items back. You probably have a nasty virus on your computer or you got phished some how. Best thing to do is scan for viruses and don't go on any sketchy sites.

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Hi there
Drakon PK1

If the hijacks keep happening and you have Authenticator and a Bank PIN it means you keep going to Runescape pages on social media and are getting deceived.

Do you see giveaway or quitting streams, videos or pages on Twitch, Youtube or Facebook?
If so, are you responding?
Don't respond - don't click on any links you see.
These pages are all put there by hijackers trying to steal your account items and gp.

Read this:
Fake websites
Account security tips
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Information about the Community Helper Team

30-Jan-2019 21:46:25

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02-Feb-2019 20:50:20

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Hello jaanisonpro1

I am guessing that you are new to the forums, given that you don't have a lot of posts, and you are likely not aware of some of the forum protocols.

It isn't appropriate to post the same message across a number of threads, as you have been doing.

What is best to do is to create your own thread about your issue in the Community Led Account Help forum.

However, you have been given a response about what to do on this thread: Please click here.

Please do not continue to post on other people's threads, as mentioned. Doing that is considered hijacking a thread.

Please either create your own thread or take the advice given on the thread I have linked.
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02-Feb-2019 23:17:18

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