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This morning I logged in to find that someone has accessed my account. Nothing was stolen, but I was in a different location and my private status was changed from on to off so nobody knows my account is online. HOWEVER, I noticed there was 5 bonds in my cart ready for an illegitimate transaction that would eventually lock my account until the bill is paid, and this has happened to me before. Right away I changed my password and set up a 2 step authentication. THE MESSAGE YOU SHOULD TAKE AWAY HERE IS NOBODY IS SAFE, SECURE YOUR ACCOUNTS NOW!!! Cheers.

Another point: I believe the hacker knows my login email address, which cannot be changed. This presents a security risk and thus I changed the registered email on my account as well as secured my login email. Cheers lads!

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Hi there

You posted seven weeks ago about being hijacked and the hijacker making a purchase on your account.
Posting that it is about to happen again only seven weeks later indicates that you did not properly secure your account back in January.

I urge you to change the password to your email right now!
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Hi @Malua

You're correct, I did not take the security precautions I should have, however I have now done all that I can. I was lucky this time to say the least. I tried looking into change the login email and it seems that's not an option. Either way I now take security very seriously.

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Hello New007

I've had to hide your post because you mention a player by name. On the forums, we do not have any way to verify what has happened in game. As a result, we do not allow naming and shaming, which is mentioning a player by name in a negative light. If you did not report this person in game, you can email to let them know about the situation.
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