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Edit: Nevermind, base on reading a reddit post.... May have got it from Smashing Relics (Treasure Hunter)

So I just noticed in my Wardrobe today, that I have Titan (Veteran) outfit, I don't remember ever buying it or doing something to get it. And base on wiki it is Discontinued since 2014.

Only thing I bought ever from SGS is Shadow Outfit+Pet in Black Friday Sale 2018, Maniacal in Jan Sale 2019, and Eastern Robes, Spike trap and the rest from monthly free... So i doubt I would of accidentaly bought it

note, my membership just ended, incase that counts of sort

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Ií m glad you posted this. I came here to post the same question. I noticed yesterday that I too have Titan Veteran and didnít remember where it could have came from. A family member checked his account and found that he too has Titan Veteran.

21-Jan-2019 21:27:55

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