Blue screens i need help!

Quick find code: 409-410-161-66077419

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The only time i get blue screens is when i play rs3 on my laptop and it never did before i did everything i could but nothing seems to work i updated ALL of my drivers twice reinstalled RS3 3 times and nothing seems to work i just but a month subscription of membership and i cant play kinda feels like a waste of money but RS is just to great to make it feel like a waste jagex or anybody please help me if u need my specs:

Intel i5-7200 2.5ghz
Intel HD Graphics 620 (up to 2110 mb Dynamic video memory)
4GB DDR4 Memory
1000GB HDD

I really need help to play my favorite game

Greetz Rick

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Post the bluescreen stop code, as well as any other technical detail. Some additional context would be useful - are these regular, irregular, predictable etc. Describe when/how it happens in more detail.

And post high level details of recent Windows 'System' and Application event logs of type error and warning around the time of the crash (a few minutes leading up to it).

20-Jan-2019 17:47:45

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