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Hello, I'm coming back to the game after a long while and i'm using the NXT client. I've downloaded the cache as much as possible (It's sitting at around 4.3 gig's and no longer will download.) but for the life of me, the game is just not performing well for me at all. I am extremely confused as my computer is a very stout machine.

For reference, this is my build:

GTX 1070ti
AMD Ryzen 1600x
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16gb DDR4
Windows 10 Pro

My game lags uncontrollably when I do anything, my Ping is well below 30 and my FPS bounces from 30 - 140+ constantly and will dip down to 1fps when I engage enemies or craft or pick anything up. The game is unplayable and I'd really like to fix this.

20-Jan-2019 20:20:06

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When returning, did you delete the currently-stored cache files and let them re-download? Perhaps not essential, but sometimes it can cause problems and a reinstall fixes things. If you haven't deleted the cache since you returned, then try that.

Open up Task Manager and take a look at your usages. Make sure to click "More details" if you can't see much information when you open it.

Look at currently running programs and make sure nothing is using up your system's resources unnecessarily. Things like RAM, CPU, Disk and GPU usage are what you need to keep an eye on.

After checking that and checking if everything is OK (ask if not sure), you may want to proceed to checking out how fast the CPU and GPU are running whilst the game is running. You can do this with third-party monitoring programs.

One I usually use is CPUID HWMonitor. It's decent enough just to check your system temperatures and speeds are good.

Once you've downloaded a monitoring program, pay close attention to the CPU temps, load and clock speeds. Do the same for the GPU readings. Clock speeds have a "MHz" measurement at the end of the numeric value. For this, you need to trigger the lag and then quickly look back at the program to see if there's anything there you can link to the FPS instability.

Make sure you've set your background FPS in-game to match that of your foreground. You can do this in-game by pressing Esc to bring up Options Menu and then going to Settings > Graphics tab > Find the "Background FPS" option and change it from its default. This is to avoid having it interfere with results as low background FPS will forcibly drop FPS in-game when you click out of the client which may impact temperature, load and speed readings.

First though, start simple and delete the cache if you haven't already. Make sure it re-downloads completely before logging back in the game. It doesn't download fast enough in-game. You need to lobby or stay at the login screen for fastest cache downloading.

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