Auto Log-Out when Hop World

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iFiery Talon
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iFiery Talon

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Hi, about 90% of the time I try to hop worlds or enter my clan citadel, I am sent to the login screen, not the lobby, and when I log in again, I get a game message claiming "malinformed login packet. Please try again" or "Your game session has now ended. To play again, please close your browser tab/window and wait 5 minutes before reloading the game." This problem effectively makes hopping worlds nearly impossible, as I have to restart my NXT client in order to switch worlds, and capping at clan citadel quite frustrating until rng lights upon me and I manage to get in.

I have tried deleting my game cache, but this does not solve the problem. This problem also occurs on mobile when I try hopping worlds or entering the clan citadel.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

18-Jan-2019 09:08:43

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See, that's interesting, because this message (game session) always used to appear when you'd been disconnected, and your IP address (external) had changed in the meantime. I've seen 'malformed packet' myself, when I do something stupid like try and log into a non-member world while standing in a member location, or simultaneously press two worlds at once, but the error text would suggest more that there'd been a network issue that disrupted the login process..
These to me suggest a network issue.

I've seen mobile networks being particularly bad for these things (and I recall long ago a common problem from people using mobile data/networks to play being unable to log in, much as you describe), but I'm perplexed that it would happen on a wireless network, assuming that was landline based.

I'd suggest looking into whether or not the networks you're playing on are reliable - things like rebooting a router, for example, might bring some stability, as well as avoiding mobile networks.

22-Jan-2019 16:05:27

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