FPS drops on 8700k 1080Ti when

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so I like to play and watch youtube as you do but when im in the youtube or any other program for that matter my jagex client FPS drops hard... im talking sub 30FPS compared to the cap FPS it can get when im active in the window.

any ideas?

my systems not exactly a slouch and ive re installed windows and the client trying to figure it out. its installed on one of my m.2 960 pro's. Cpu is overclocked to 5.2ghz and the 1080ti is over clocked to 2050mhz.

ive tried default bios etc and it still does the same thing.

19-Jan-2019 20:38:09

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Did you set the background FPS to match your foreground? You can find this setting in the graphical settings menu in-game.

Press esc to bring up Options Menu > Settings > Graphics tab > Find "Background FPS" and change it from the default (30).

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