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I have withdrew from the collections community due to poor leadership and poor decision making on many issues in the past years from the leader. I have enjoyed my time to get to know everyone and I love everyone that has been nice and understood why I am leaving. I do not want to be were I am not welcomed and in the recent weeks, I have mistreated by a couple of people in the friends chat. I was nice to them and showed them the utmost respect, and all in return, I received harsh comments to me and rudeness. I have been nice and understanding of everything, but I will not stand for it any more. I love everyone that made me feel welcomed but at this time, I have seen that I can't be trusted. I know if I do not trust someone, I do not want them in my community, so I am doing that to myself. Thank you everyone again.
I will still private message everyone that I still like, others will be ignored.

I will not be rejoining the friends chat.

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PB andJ
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PB andJ

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I collect
Potato seeds

~~ my Current Potato seed collection consists of
114M+ Potato seeds
:D! ~~
-- this is equal to
38,000+ days g/e buying time!

my achievements

32,118,001 seeds (Surpassed Bils and Miffdor and acquired the #1 spot on high scores for awhile. unsure of when I dropped down to #2) -- achieved on: 4-6-13

reached my initial goal of 111,111,111 Potato seeds! ---- achieved on 03-08-16

My current goals
200M potato seeds?

If you have any Potato seeds you're looking to sell (or donate :p ) please PM me in-game (private's always on), join -Collections- FC, or post here and I will get back to you ASAP!! Thank you :)!

* PB andJ
RuneScape's largest Potato seeds collection!
140M+ so far

working towards 10k corp solo kills!
5k~ / 10k killed so far

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150k Doughnuts
200k Triangle Sandwiches
100k Mint cakes
100k Cake
100k Cooked Chicken
100K Cheese
100k Banana
100k Cabbages
1000k Watermelons
100k Watermelon slices
100k Strawberry
200k Cooked Rainbow fish
100k Raw Rainbow fish
100k Rotten Tomatos
(I guess you could eat them?)

100k Tomatos
100k Gianne dough
100k Sweetcorn
100k Potato with Butter

100k Wizard's Mind bombs
150k Dwarven stouts
100k Slayer's respite
100k Asgarnian ale
100k Beer
100k Cup of tea
100k Jug of wine
400K Dwarven stout (m)
100k Vodka
20K Whisky

200k Hunter kits
800k Butterfly nets
500k Bird snares
450k Teasing sticks
350k Noose wands
300k Rabbit snares
3200k Unlit torches


100k Coif
100k Leather body
100k Leather chaps
100k Leather boots
100k Shortbows
100k Bronze kiteshields
100k Bronze hatchets
100k Bronze daggers
100k Bronze warhammers
100k Wooden shields
90k Bronze maces


10M Onion seeds
10M Fishing bait
10M Pouches
10M Polypore Spores
10M Vials

500k Stripy feathers
100k Clay rings (unf)
100k Lantern lens
1000k Basket
1000k Juju vial of water
100k Common kebbit fur
100k Grey wolf fur
100k Beer glass
500k Pots
Aquarium collection

100k Message in a bottle
100k Telescope lenses
100k Shark Jawbones
100k Ship figurehead

370 Golden mystery eggs

166k Celebration candles
100k Ground Guam
100k Newcomer maps
100k Fishing potions
100k Restore potions
100k Security books
200k Firecrackers obtained from Diango
100k Red worms

700k Ice coolers

150k Wheat
100k Empty sacks
100k Bucket of sand
1000k Gorijian mushroom
100k Kebbit spikes
100k Coconut shells
100k Raw Pawya meet
1000k Trading sticks

45k White toy horse
38k Brown toy horse
35k Grey toy horse
15k Black toy horse
1337 Penguin staffs
the Defeater
the Daredevil
Final Boss
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