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Have it happen to anyone else that the page start going nuts with Thank you for buying?
I ended up with 8x 200 keys which wasn't what I was going for. I have open a ticket and waiting response but I also curiouse too know if something similare have happen to others?

I only clicked buy once and left the keyboard for 5 sec while it processed then it happen the screen just started flickering like it refreashed 8 times in a row.

02-Feb-2019 12:44:51

Jeremy C
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Jeremy C

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That is quite strange. I haven't heard of others experiencing this issue, but Jagex should be able to refund the accidental purchases, assuming the keys haven't been used.

Just a thought, do you happen to have a cat or another pet that may have accidentally stepped on a button that could have resubmitted the purchase or refreshed the page? That's about the only thing I can think of that may have caused this issue.
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02-Feb-2019 16:03:54

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