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If you have spotted the locations of the Valentine's Day Easter Egg locations, please leave a notice of where and when you have spotted it. These Easter Eggs do not stay in the same spot for long so please refer to the most recent spotting for accuracy.

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There are only two easter eggs that I know of for this Valentine's day event. I think you might have a slightly misinterpreted idea of what the 'easter eggs' are- they aren't physical 'eggs' so to speak, more-so that they are hidden things that you can do or see in the game that are meant to be interesting & silly when you discover them. Metaphorical easter eggs! :P

Now as far as what they are, I'll go ahead & mention them here (spoiler warning ;)):

•The first easter egg that you can do is by putting picking he pockets of a man NPC (I'm not sure if it's only a man in lumbridge, or anywhere that this can be done) and delivering the letter to a woman NPC. After using the letter on her you'll be awarded 25 Petals, and given a message stating so by "Spreading the love!".

•The second easter egg that you can do is by killing Nex, (given that you have done the most DPS) you will again get a message saying you've been awarded 25 petals, by "Killing your Nex" haha.

After both of those are completed you get a free 50 complimentary petals for finishing the optional activities. :) Silliness aside, they're quite the distraction if you want to take a small break from the normal grind for obtaining petals. I wish you the best of luck in finishing them, especially that Nex one!

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