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Razor Leaf
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Razor Leaf

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]I'm throwing my suggestion into the ring even though it may be super late.

I think that the Mysterious Perk changes the chances of getting a Rare Perk when adding perks to a Gizmo. this reddit post sparked my theory

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Durial 32l
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Durial 32l

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Hi guys, I messed with the mysterious perk a long time ago. I just wanted to tell you what I personally had concluded. On items with scavenging perks for invention components and mysterious, I noticed at times the drops would be sizeably more than normal. Sometimes you'd get a number of components and think huh that doesn't seem the norm. Anyway, maybe I am wrong, but that was what I ended up guessing. The Warden OSRS

07-Sep-2018 09:31:22

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Just wanted to put my two cents in here.

I'm a computer science major, and the mentioning of the timestamps reminded me of something. Did you know it's actually a very complicated process to generate true random numbers with programming? Most programming languages include a random number generation function, but these are only pseudo-random generators. What the function actually does is take the system clock as a number, and, using that number as a seed, plugs it into an algorithm to generate a number. So if you ran the same random number function again exactly 24 hours later, you would get the same result. This concept is similar to the way worlds and game maps are generated in roguelike and other random generation games.

From all the evidence so far, it would appear that the Mysterious perk is doing just that: taking in the system clock time as an integer and using it to generate specific effects. These effects appear to modify numbers themselves, ranging from the number of coins being dropped, to the time of certain buffs, to the amounts of invention materials received through the scavenging perk. I would be curious if this perk also affected combat damage numbers and action/skill tick-time amounts.

Now, if this is true, then that means specific effects will occur at specific times, meaning the effect that would occur when Mysterious procs at midnight will always be the same for everyone who gets the perk to proc at midnight. Extensive testing would be required to nail down exactly what effects occur at what times, and whether the perk uses a hourly, daily, or even weekly timetable.

However, I feel confident that is generally how Mysterious works. If I was a game programmer (and I might be) this is exactly how I would program a random effect.

06-Nov-2018 03:35:16

Kitten Faye
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Kitten Faye

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I appologise for the very late reply and necro of this post.
but in my research and self knowledge that I might know something about this.
so I was mining Banite ore earlier in the day with my Augmented Imcando Pickaxe and doing what I normally do, I then went to invention and got the perk, I tried it out and noticed that I got ore faster, but I also saw people in other forums saying they were gaining and losing xp somehow. but I think that the perk in a sense causes the time to "Fluctuate" depending on the roll. but that's just my thoughts.

08-Jul-2019 05:08:48



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Is the perk tied to run energy? Low levels run around more. Not terribly useful for PVM and PVP/ Skilling. Run energy can randomly be restored on a roll of 0-19. People may have accidently triggered it. Timestamps can be used to compare run energy times and timestamps to compare restore rates?

28-Aug-2019 00:03:58

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so, pretty sure it just completes non specific actions in game. i held an item with the perk attached to it. was doing clue scrolls because i though it might have to do with the reward roll. i noticed that upon completion i would exit out of the puzzle window on my own but without me doing it. like a magical force with a mind of its own. i doubt it has anything to do with faster skilling and such, just random movements. more to come, still playing with it. hello

01-Sep-2019 05:10:06

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