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A fantasy orchestral sound, with an inspirational feel to it. The instruments play in unison which gives it a great melody, also making it epic and adventurous. ďArise HeroĒ is an amazing musical piece. It reminds me of Lord of the Rings, in how itís so inspirational and a triumphant piece. Whenever I hear it, I think about the movie and how this particular piece could go in the movie. The Council of Elrond is what I imagine the most when I hear the song, Frodo stands up and tells the rest he will take the ring to Mordor, and itís a happy feel when the others stand by his side to help him on the journey. ďArise HeroĒ would fit in perfectly with that scene; A hero is rising and going to start a new adventurous journey.

I can listen to this song over and over no matter what I do in Runescape and it feels as though I am making my own story and being a hero even if Iím just doing clues. The composition can fit anywhere into the game as it has many stories to tell on its own. Itís inperational, epic and adventurous, which makes it so unique from the rest of the songs. It does make me feel like a hero is about to come forth or Iím the hero and Iím writing my own story just from the music. This is why ďArise HeroĒ is my favorite piece and will always be from the array of music you have put forth into the game. :)
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