Weekend of Love

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From the moment I saw you
with your max cape on
I knew I would join you
and it wouldn't be very long

You showed me your strength
with your malevolent armour on
Showing me your vast skills
I love that you're so strong

But you never stop to chat
So I'll love you from a far
so now invention is here
You wouldn't have a bar

Because I'm no longer maxed
Your love for me is gone
because I am so poor
what did I do wrong?

One day when I get 99
I'll win your love again
but for now sweet Max
My valentines I send <3

Npc : My beloved Max

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Omg this is so fun, I hope you don't me doing one more I do have two loves btw <3

I enter into your cave
and I see your rocky face
you remind me that love is a challenge
all 10k of my life to race

But this love is very short lived
as you send me a red and a blue
but I know that deep down inside
the red is really "I love you"

As I fall through each phase of challenge
and fighting off the tasks you give
I'm glad you provided a waterfall
so I can run into it and live

But the thought of a seismic wand
or even a singuarity
makes me want to sacrifice our love
and push you off the edge of sea

Farewell my dear vorago
This valentines I send
Until I am waiting at the face
I'm afraid, this is the end

NPC: Vorago

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