Weekend of Love

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Mod Kalaya

Mod Kalaya

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Hey all,

This Sunday is, as you know, Valentines Day (or Singles' Awareness Day), so why not a little celebration of all things love?

I want a love poem or haiku from you to your favourite NPC - and one or two winners will win some signed Valentine's concept artwork! Leave it in a reply to this post (and make sure you name your NPC) as your entry.

I'll select a winner on Monday 15th, and contact them via their message centre. May your poems be brilliant and your haikus stunning - I can't wait to read them on Monday. ;)

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Mod Kalaya

Mod Kalaya

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Awww, this was a really hard one to decide! I loved so many of the poems and haiku's that were submitted, it was impossibly hard to pick one!

I have two - one which I was really touched by and one chosen by RNG. Congrats to the winners, and to everyone else - thank you, it was a lovely start to my Monday morning!

I am Buffalo said:
remember when you were just a stray,

onging for someone to love you one day.
ver Varrock you wandered around,
ictim of 'shoo' from the people in town.
ach lonely day passed until that Christmas in 2012,

ou asked Santa for a home and a purpose as well.
n that night you became mine to care for,
nique with circus fleas that I also adore.

laced you in Draynor with a new dog house and toys.
lso I got you a nice big bone to enjoy.
o this day we are still together,
aring for each other and doing whatever.
appy Valentine's to the best friend of mine.

NPC: Patch

Folded Wings said:
To the unnamed servant,
The one far away,
On that island hidden by the currents,
For your health and well-being I pray.

With great clarity I remember,
The day we came face-to-face.
So many years ago
In that lonely, lonely, place.

Quite disoriented and confused,
Yet you helped the stranger that was me.
I wanted to return the favor,
But alas, "Our love cannot be."

To the servant trapped at Evil Bob's Island, staring across the shore
How I truly wish to gaze upon your face, just once more.

Cheers all,
Mod Kalaya |
Product Manager | @JagexKalaya

15-Feb-2016 11:44:22

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