Weekend of Love

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Mod Kalaya

Mod Kalaya

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Hey all,

This Sunday is, as you know, Valentines Day (or Singles' Awareness Day), so why not a little celebration of all things love?

I want a love poem or haiku from you to your favourite NPC - and one or two winners will win some signed Valentine's concept artwork! Leave it in a reply to this post (and make sure you name your NPC) as your entry.

I'll select a winner on Monday 15th, and contact them via their message centre. May your poems be brilliant and your haikus stunning - I can't wait to read them on Monday. ;)

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arcblade kb
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arcblade kb

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Where have you been my love?
Your form and dress so fitting.
I've run around the world so many times over ...
Just to be with you at one dinner ... just one sitting ...

The day you ran across my path
The other runners would gawk or stare
But I knew from the moment I saw you
You won the gold medal to my heart, my fair.

NPC: Troll in a tu-tu during 2012 Gilienor Games, racing activity
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In the dessert you stand,
Surrounded by sand.
With your mission accomplished,
You're left to be demolished.
You may not understand love,
As you were built to push and shove.
But you're a diamond in the rough,
despite being so tough.
I love you you big hunk of clay,
For I'd help you any day!

NPC: Clay Golem (It's the closest thing to a robot, robots are awesome!)
The job's never done, there's always a way to improve or protect.
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12-Feb-2016 18:23:12

Silly Frog

Silly Frog

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In Lumbridge hast thou ever lived,
Cooking for the Duke.
You sent me on a quest,
I fetched an egg, flour, and milk!
I was proud to be the Cook's Assistant.
Although thou art a mere cook,
Beautiful and refined thou look.

You inherited your position,
your food tastes like poison,
at your feasts time is frozen.
Frankly, you are a recipe for disaster.

But I will always be there for you,
to save the day.

I must admit one thing, my lovely Cook.
When I was completing that famous Quest
Death to the Dorgeshuun,
I brought Zanik, my Goblin Friend
Through your beautiful kitchen, and you, my love,
Asked her to be your assistant.

I cried...I died...inside....I believed I was the only one for you...
But you saw Zanik in those crimson robes...and fell in love with
Those large goblin eyes....

And though I may never be with you,
I shall visit you often...
And cook only on your range.

I love you, Cook.
You are forever in my heart.
If Jagex release another Cook quest
I'll be the first to start

NPC: Lumbridge Cook <3

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Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
You're a Pack Yak,
I love Baroo Baroo

From me to my faithful Pack Yak..who's stood by me through thick and thin.

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You dress in purple and in gold
The lore book states you're somewhat old.
But do not fear Zaros dear
Your supporters and fans are ever near.
Come to us and be our Valentines
Throw us some of your special lines!

This weekend we all share our love
There will be no pushing or no shoves
Come to me my Zarosian one
This weekend will be lots of fun!

NPC:- Zaros - Because #ZarosiansRule
'Every revolution begins with a spark'

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DarkAngel J
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DarkAngel J

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In the name of Zaros,
I will follow you.
In the name of Zaros,
I am yours.
In the name of Zaros,
We shall survive.
In the name of Zaros,
You shall never die.
For in the name of Zaros,
We are one.

In the name of Guthix,
I will remember.
In the name of Guthix,
You shall live on.
In the name of Guthix,
Your love is always here.

In the name of Armadyl,
We fight together.
In the name of Armadyl,
We get the loot.
In the name of Armadyl,
We always win.

In the name of Saradomin,
You are my light.
In the name of Saradomin,
You give me strength.
In the name of Saradomin,
Our enemy's crumble.
In the name of Saradomin,
We Prevail.

NCP - Zaros, Guthix, Armadyl, Saradomin.

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To the Demons of the Abyss

In darkness and terror I stab at thee
Thine own weapon I turn on thee
Abyssal whip and vine whip too
Are things I tend to use 'gainst you

Saradomin's might, a sword of light
A godsword heals amidst the fight
And so I fell you come what may
Ashes to Ashes 'tis you I slay

But know that I grow fond of thee
In toil and gloom still stab at thee
Yet in my heart do know it true
Gielinor is better because of you

Demons of the abyss I say
May you ever in RuneScape stay

12-Feb-2016 20:29:09

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