Weekend of Love

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Roses are Red,
Violets are Blue,
Pauline Polaris,
I love you

You give me points,
I compliment you,
You smile - say thanks,
"Hey want to grab a brew?"

You make people rage,
you make people cry,
you make people wave
their comp capes goodbye

You make people work,
for lokar searunner,
you moan and you groan,
you are a real stunner.

So this valentines day Pauline,
think of me,
with 850,000 points
we'll sit back - watch tv <3

13-Feb-2016 00:14:38

Samous Gamer
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Samous Gamer

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To my Dearest Kaylee of The Rising Sun

Falador my seem good and full of light,
but with out you there it would never shine
as bright and as white.

You may only serve drinks in the Rising Sun
but my heart but my heart rises
and falls at your beckoning call.

I wish you wouldn't work so late
so I could take you on a date.
Would you honour me

Honour me with your dazzling smile
and grant me this one wish

Kaylee, Be my Valentine <3

NPC: Kaylee

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13-Feb-2016 00:24:44

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My dearly fallen fiancee,
Daggonoths kings took thee away,
Oh tragedy, what can I say?

Our betrothal came to an end.
With monarch marriage; the two isles mend.
Hear islanders cheer their commend.

Your admired bravery, never forgotten.
Today, thine lyre, broken and rotten,
Hanged in the halls by stringed cotten.

And here I sit, sipping my rum.
Seeing thine lyre brought me to hum.
A hum to thee to rid thine glum.

Happy Valentines to thee
May thou sing happy and be free.
As I won't, do not forget me.

NPC- Prince Brand

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The bee sting is red, the Flax' blue,

The honey's sweet, and so are you.

Thou are my love and I bee thine;

I drew bees to my Valentine:

The lot was cast and then I drew,

And Fortune said it shou'd bee you.

A classic valentine poem for the Beekeeper.

13-Feb-2016 02:30:09

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Omg this is so fun, I hope you don't me doing one more I do have two loves btw <3

I enter into your cave
and I see your rocky face
you remind me that love is a challenge
all 10k of my life to race

But this love is very short lived
as you send me a red and a blue
but I know that deep down inside
the red is really "I love you"

As I fall through each phase of challenge
and fighting off the tasks you give
I'm glad you provided a waterfall
so I can run into it and live

But the thought of a seismic wand
or even a singuarity
makes me want to sacrifice our love
and push you off the edge of sea

Farewell my dear vorago
This valentines I send
Until I am waiting at the face
I'm afraid, this is the end

NPC: Vorago

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They say that woman is a rogue,
A scoundrel, a crook, a louse,
But to the naive outside the den,
She wouldn't hurt a mouse.

A rogue myself, though must be taught,
Her ways, they intrigued me.
To learn the ways of the rogue,
I must only look and see.

Like a spider, she would lurk,
The shadows, her only friend.
A passersby, on which to pounce,
Is sure to meet their end.

Her tongue would weave such pleasant lies,
Her fingers, quick to dart,
And when I stared into her eyes,
She was able to steal my heart.
Long live
! | @

13-Feb-2016 03:24:26

Doc Vader
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Doc Vader

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O' Nora, I remember that frightful day, in which I think to say.
When I had saved you from that fire, but this condition now is dire.
My heart has to strive, when I am near you to stay alive.
Tis' a beautiful sight! On which to overlook your might.
Might I compare thine sight to an angel's, as mighty fine doth thou look.
To look at you, I appear mild, but in me contains, a demon that is wild.
But over what one may say, but tis' you the cause of this.
The solution to this, is but simply a kiss.

From Doc Vader, To Nora of Taverly

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