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Hi everyone and welcome to my Good Deed December competition.

It's (soon to be) the season of good will (no hunting involved...), so I thought I'd do something rather different for this competition.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to perform a random act of kindness or good deed for someone else. You could take inspiration from the list below or come up with something completely different.

Either way, please post your results by replying to my original Twitter thread, <- here and where possible and appropriate, try and post proof of what you've achieved. Remember to ask permission if you're taking photos of others.

Critical instructions
Like the twitter post, retweet it and reply to it with your good deed. That's it.

Please note - Replying to this forum post has been hidden/disabled so I can focus on one area and easily collate the Twitter responses. Please, do not post your good deeds on this forum. They will get missed!

If you're seeing this on the forums first though and don't follow me/don't have a twitter account, perhaps you'd consider signing up to enter this (and maybe give me a follow).


They say there are 12 days of Christmas, so I'll draw 12 winners on the 12th December (leaving roughly 12 days before Christmas...) :O Mind, blown.

- Firstly, I'll personally provide one months membership for one individual winner to give to a friend who can't otherwise afford it, or a complete newby who's never played the game with you before. (I'll do a random number roll after selecting all twelve winners on the 12th (probably around midday) and pick one of those at random).

- One winner can choose which charity the money from my next fundraiser goes to.

- That leaves the other 'prizes'. They say that good deeds shouldn't be rewarded as such, so as something a little different as far as competitions go, each of the twelve lucky winners can choose a good deed for me to do for them or someone else (please try and be reasonable/sensible and I reserve the right to change it after discussion with you if what you suggest isn't realistically achievable).

But James, what can I do I hear you ask? Good deeds might include the following;
- Donate your long hair to a children's wig charity (most hairdressers/salons will know of one)
- Volunteer at a soup kitchen or treat a friend to a meal
- Buy a random gift for someone or food for a stranger or homeless person
- Donate some warm clothes to a shelter or charity
- Find an unused item in your house an give it to a charity
- Plant a tree
- Think of something you do well that can benefit others
- Organise a family meal
- Pick litter from somewhere (beach, park or street etc)
- Sign up for (and complete) a CPR course
- Offer to read to or play games with someone in a nursing or retirement home
- Donate blood if you're able to
- Donate school supplies to children from underprivileged areas or homes
- Return a phone call you've been putting off
- Learn about another culture
- Adopt a shelter animal
- Pay it forward by paying for the coffee, food, bus fare etc for the person behind you in the line
- Offer to help a friend move or unpack
- Offer to do the shopping for a friend of neighbour who's sick or less able
- Surprise your other half by doing a chore they know you don't usually like doing
- Send an actual thank you note after receiving a gift from someone
- If you're able to, help someone whose car has broken down or help change a tyre if it's safe
- Give up your seat on a bus, tube or train
- Send a care package to a soldier overseas or to their family at home
- Reach out to someone who's had an impact on your life and let them know
- Add extra money to someone's parking meter that's about to run out
- Offer a ride to someone you know that doesn't have a car
- If you play an instrument, offer to go and play somewhere for free
- Consider donating left over wedding flowers to a nursing home
- Give your pet some extra love by teaching them a new trick, going on an extra long walk or groom them

The list is endless really. Have a bit of fun, come up with your own ideas and post your results. Go forth and do good things. Only one good deed needs to be posted for a chance to win, but don't feel limited do doing just one ;)


Please, don't put yourself in any (or unnecessary) danger. Talking (taking?) down a mugger for example would be most noteworthy, but please, use common sense. If you're particularly young and need permission from an adult etc, it's up to you to make sure you have it. I could go on. :P Ultimately, be safe, have fun and do good things!

Thanks and have a great December,
James H
Mod James H
(jamesh to my 'friends' :P )
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