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As posted on your other thread:
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While its great that you want to give back to the community, and increase viewer for your channel, this thread is closed for several reasons:

- Advertising for giveaways is not permitted on the forums. From the Forum Specific Rules for the Events and Competitions Forum:
"No giveaway-only threads are allowed here."

- While you are welcome to mention your YouTube channel in your posts, if it is relevant to the discussion on that thread, or include it in your forum signature, you should not be creating a thread just to advertise your channel. The Forums should be used to facilitate discussions here and not be used to drive traffic to other sites.

- While your intentions may be good, giveaways associated with driving players to offsites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, ect., are often related to phishing attempts to steal players login information.

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26-Mar-2018 00:05:24

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