Prayer double xp question

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so i am aware that double xp does not work on guilded alters but, if using perfect juju, wisdom aura, pulse and 3 pieces of 3rd age. does the xp from the boosts get doubled? i.e the 5%, 2.5% 10% and 3% (approx 20.5%) had a look on a calculator and changes from 4780 bones to 6106 bones when de-selectin DXP. any idea? thank you

30-Jan-2019 00:30:23

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Only the base xp gets multiplied. DXP adds a +100% modifier. The other boosts would get added to it. So with what you listed you would gain +120.5% xp.
Clan avatar buff can add another 3-6%. And if you have any bonus xp in the skill that adds an additional +100% while it lasts as well.

10-Feb-2019 07:41:38

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