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Shady Nick

Shady Nick

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Hey guys. The last forum event we had turned out to be very successful, but I think that our next in game meet-up should be a little more productive. For this I am suggesting a meeting in-game.

There will be no prizes, there will be no hype, and there probably wont be half as many people. However, those with an interest in forum policy and health will have a chance to share their ideas with persons with similar goals.

The meeting should probably take place within a decked-out POH, and should be held in the surgery style. If anyone has any suggestions on this let me know.

Where: Scouse POH World 134 (Yanille portal)

When: Saturday February 13th at 8pm forum time

Why: Figure out strategies to put the forums on the map/coerce Jagex to put more resource here.

I hope to see a lot of forumers attend.

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In the Citadel there is actually a huge meeting hall where all members can sit and a podium for the speaker lol.

But i am guessing the invite goes to non clan members also, so that would not work.

Edit: Oh wait, i'll be 1 of those non clannies at the time =(

But if you wish, although my house aint a mansion and does not have a lot in it, feel free to use mine if you wish you can all marvel at the sight of 12 little cresbots waddling about while the live band is on or the rubbish comedian is telling his knock knock jokes =)
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